While you are staying in Canada as visitors, international students, working- holiday makers, expatriates, foreign workers, or immigrants and returning Canadians waiting for the government health plan, you may come down with an illness or be involved in an accident. Medical emergencies happen anytime and anywhere. Emergency medical expenses could be very expensive. The Canadian government does not pay visitors' medical expenses, and strongly recommends purchasing enough health insurance for your visit. Protect yourself and your family from unnecessary emergency medical expenses.

For Canadian residents with provincial government health insurance, you can apply for Emergency Hospital and Medical Insurance that has up to $5 million coverage for emergency hospitalization (semi-private) and emergency medical services in excess of your provincial or territorial plan.

Claim Examples

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1. Visitors to Canada, including working holiday makers, foreign workers, immigrants, returning Canadians while waiting for the provincial health plan. Click Here >>

2. International Students attending Canadian schools. Click Here >>

3. Canadian Residents with valid Provincial Health Insurance Plan. Click Here >>